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DVD – Institutional/Educational


Featurette + loads of extras! Click on image for detail.

For institutional, educational, nonprofit and community group use. This DVD includes the 35-minute featurette, John Hemmer & the Showgirls in addition to 15 performer oral history vignettes and 3 event panel discussions. The featurette includes English SDH captioning. The oral histories are subtitled in English.

John Hemmer & the Showgirls is a documentary film that explores the mid-20th century nightclub era through the experiences of a retired singer and his community of dancers and showgirls. The documentary is part of a larger archiving and access project that actively documents, collects and shares nightclub histories and memorabilia. See the John Hemmer Archive home page for more information and join our newsletter to stay updated.

Please note: If you’re a member of an organization, institution or community group who plans to host a public screen of this film to your membership, classroom and/or invited guests, please license this film through our Host a Screening contact page here. When hosting a screening, the fee includes streaming access to the film, or a copy of the DVD, along with physical and digital promotional materials for your event. Filmmaker and performers may be available for post screening Q&A panel.

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