John Hemmer Archive



  • Mark Mori Producer
  • Kirsten Larvick Producer/Director
  • Randy Stulberg Cinematorgrapher
  • Tedd Firth Original Music
  • Judd Blaise Editor/Graphics
  • Alex Keipper Additional Editor
  • Ray Parada Additional Camera/Graphics
  • Laura Petrella Additional Camera
  • Madeline Kennedy Assistant Editor
  • Spencer Nachman Outreach Research


  • Kirsten Larvick Archivist/Producer/Writer
  • Matt Frost Graphic Design
  • Miriam Frost User Experience & Code
  • Judd Blaise Video Editor/
  • Alex Keipper Video Editor
  • Cynthea Mazur Diaz Video Animation

We continue to research mid-century Manhattan nightclub culture.

If you have stories, footage, or images you’d like to share with us, please contact us here.

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