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Mollie Fennell Numark

was born in Blackpool, England, famous for its Blackpool Tower. She began ballet at the age of 8 and studied the system of The Royal Academy of Dance and all forms of dance arts. She joined The Children’s Ballet in the Tower and would graduate to shows at The Opera House, Winter Gardens, and the Blackpool Tower Circus. In 1947 she performed for a Royal Command performance at the London Palladium for King George 6th and Queen Elizabeth. She danced in shows at London’s West End Adelphi Theatre, where she became a John Tiller Girl. In 1951 she auditioned for Lou Walters World Famous Latin Quarter at the Prince Of Wales theatre. She sailed to America on The Liberty in 1952. After performing at the Miami Latin Quarter, Mollie traveled to St. Louis and Las Vegas. She finished at The Latin Quarter on Broadway where she stayed for five years. Mollie continued to dance as a teacher of The Royal Academy Of Dance system for many years.