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Lili Bell Lopez

was born and raised in Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania where as a girl she dreamt of becoming a singer and did so in productions staged in her hometown. As a young woman, Lili traveled to New York in 1956, auditioned for Lou Walters World Famous Latin Quarter and began her career as a showgirl at its Times Square location. She would work as a showgirl into the 1960’s in Florida, Boston, Las Vegas and again in New York. Lili Bell wed Bobby Lopez at St. Patrick’s cathedral in Manhattan. Lopez operated the famous Chateau Madrid supper club. They had two sons, one who presently lives in New York, and the other in California. Lili joined the Latin Quarter Showgirls, Inc. charity after the nonprofit was formed in the 1980’s and performed as a showgirl in many of their productions, which raise thousands of dollars for organizations supporting children in need. Today she enjoys her two shitzu dogs, as well as singing and performing in local theater where she lives just outside of Las Vegas.