John Hemmer Archive

John Hemmer and the Showgirls

The John Hemmer Archive documents a unique period in live entertainment history. Illustrated by way of a documentary film, oral histories, a digital and physical collection from a wealth of record types, this project chronicles stage performer experiences during the nightclub era of the mid-20th century.

Told through the eyes of singer/entertainer John Hemmer, the documentary, John Hemmer & the Showgirls, interweaves the broader New York nightclub phenomena with Hemmer’s personal and artistic journey and that of his cohort.

This website makes available the film for community screenings, festivals and educational institutions. It offers to site visitors oral histories, memorabilia and text journaling to further contextualize this cultural history.

The John Hemmer Collection consists of material on this site and physical artifacts for research and exhibition. These assets are cataloged and archived to ensure their availability and long-term preservation. The resulting database will be available through this website in the near future. To receive updates, Please sign up for the John Hemmer Archive newsletter.

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