About History of an Era

History of an Era, is part of the more expansive project that is the John Hemmer Archive. The seed of the archive is the story of singer/performer, John Hemmer, his community and collection of memorabilia. He and his cohort entertained during the midcentury nightclub era in New York City and beyond. The project centers around a documentary, John Hemmer & the Showgirls and additional documentation of performer experiences. These recollections are captured in the film, oral history videos, the digitizing and cataloging of personal materials and written articles. These histories are also expressed through live panel discussions taking place at libraries, museums and festivals. The John Hemmer Archive’s mission is to make available to future generations, mid-20th century live entertainment history through first-hand accounts. Furthermore it strives to celebrate the performers who delighted thousands of patrons before popular culture changed the nightlife society landscape forever.

October 22, 2018

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About the Author


Kirsten is a documentarian and archivist influenced by interests in mid-century political and cultural history, non-fiction filmmaking and the preservation of personal heritage and cinema art legacies.